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You really clicked that "I need to know more" button? ;)

Girl, you know I don't need anyone to feed my ego like that, but WOW thanks for wanting to get to know me! JK, I know you just need to decide if you can put up with me for an entire day. I understand it. 

As you can see by this photo, I am a married woman (I eloped!) and a newlywed at that! I married the man of my dreams after 8 years of friendship plus 5 years of dating, so I have LOADS OF PATIENCE. This patience absolutely goes hand in hand with my fine art brand as it requires up to an hour of editing per portrait. I also have HELLA GOOD TASTE as you can very obviously see from the man I chose to marry, which means, I'm gonna have amazing taste when I choose your locations, outfits, poses, ect. What more could you ask? ;)

Hey, Boo 🥰 

Welcome to my mad little world. Hang on tight.​

If you are a lover of the dramatic, the bold, and the beautiful (and maybe even a sucker for trash reality TV & dramas) you will be the yin to my yang (or the Meredith to my Christina--yes I call Christina.) See what I did there? If you didn't get the reference, it's ok. We can still be friends.  

On top of my love for trash TV, I also have a love for many of the other fine arts. I am a musician-self taught myself 8 instruments, I love to paint with traditional art supplies and draw with digital art supplies, and I obviously love taking pictures! 

If I am not indulging myself in the fine arts, you'll probably find me playing video games, demolishing 3 rolls of sushi at any given local Japanese restaurant, or taking care of 2 little furry freeloaders that I would absolutely die for (even if they don't pay rent.) I know you're dying to see them, so I'll post a couple pictures below. 

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my free loading kids

...Yes, I got a matching set

These little ding-bats are the loves of my life. We rescued Mika from a kill shelter and Swiper showed up on my porch when he was only a couple weeks old. I bottled fed Swiper kitty formula until he was old enough to be weaned, while Mika came to us with some trust issues with food because she was so emaciated when she got to her shelter. Both of them are currently living their best lives and are spoiled beyond belief. So go ahead and book a session so I can buy them more toys?

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