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Mr. and Mrs. Crane: Jessica Dee Photography

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

An Unlikely Love Story-A Long Time Friendship That Blossomed Into Something More

Alivia and Isaac's love story is one I will never forget.

The story of two childhood friends, who had no idea when they were younger that they would end up standing together at the alter so many years later. When I am booked for a wedding, I love to learn about my couple's stories. As I asked Alivia for the details of how they met, she recalls that she knew Isaac very personally long before she fell in love with him. She tells me that he was always hanging around her cousins who were the brothers that she never had, so she never considered a romantic relationship so it could not ever come between her and her family should things end between them. They continued to grow up together until Isaac left for college and they lost touch for awhile.

Fast forward a few years, Isaac moves back home and takes a position as a firefighter in their hometown. He began asking Alivia's friend's about her. 4 months later, he worked up the courage to ask her on their first date. Alivia was excited until he was 25 minutes late to pick her up, where she started to get concerned and frustrated. Little did she know, her prince charming was only late because he had stopped to assist a volunteer fire department and EMT on scene, just one example of the noble character he would continue to show to her throughout their dating period and into their marriage.

"Our first date was almost too good to be true as far as first dates go," Alivia recalls. "Falling in love with Isaac was the easiest thing I have ever done.”

He did everything he could to make her feel loved including holding her doors and bringing her a bouquet of flowers-a complete gentleman.

Just shy of 2 years later, it's their wedding day, and I can feel the adoration they have for each other so strongly from their first look, which they chose to have in private before their ceremony. Alivia wears a beautiful princess style gown with lace detailing and tulle that catches the sunlight with every move. The cherry on top are the sleeves from her mother's wedding dress altered so beautifully they looked like they were made for Alivia's dress.

Once Alivia was ready and had a touching first look with her father (pictured above), she walked down to the location I had picked for her and Isaac's first look, where he was standing and waiting, blindfolded. Alivia snuck up to him and took his blindfold off so he could see her for the first time. There was so much love in his eyes as he spun her around to soak in every detail before he pulled her in and held her close. After a few tender moments together she backed up and lifted the skirt of her dress off the ground to show him her embroidered cowboy boots. Her face was beaming with the biggest smile, only to be matched by his equally impressive smile.

After the whirlwind of emotions from all the first looks, we headed to fire station where Isaac works to take some photos in homage to his career. He would tell you he is a fireman. Most of us would call him a community hero, risking his life to save others for a living. I wanted to make sure that I captured this essence during our time at the fire station. The images below are the images we came up with.

After we finished up at the fire station, we headed to Alivia's home church for a simple, beautiful ceremony surrounded by her and Isaac's blood family, church family, and friends. The ceremony was followed by an incredibly lively reception party at the Laurel Mill wedding barn. The wedding barn was COMPLETELY PACKED with friends and family of the newlyweds, a testament to their character and their impact on our community. There were so many people there who loved them and wanted to celebrate them and their union.

The rest of the night was filled with laughter, great food, lots of dancing, and beautiful toasts, which you can re-live alongside of me by scrolling through the rest of these images.

Thus came an end to a living fairy tale of a day.

I can assure you, while going through and editing these images, I could not wipe the smile off of my face. The love between Alivia and Isaac Crane reaches through the photos, off of your screen and hits you right in the heart.

As you know, photos are the only thing that remain of your wedding day after your wedding day is over. If you are wanting me to be a part of that day and give you the piece of that day that you'll be able to look back on forever, you can email me at

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