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Big Wedding or adventurous elopement?


Whether you're wanting coverage for a 10 hour wedding day with 700 guests or hoping to sneak away with just you and your boo, I'm here to hold your hand every step of the way.

So where do we start? I know you all know what a big traditional wedding is, so let's talk about what an adventurous elopement looks like:

When you hear "elopement" what do you think of? Do you think of a runaway couple who met a mere weeks before running off to Vegas to get married by a man dressed like Elvis who may or may not be sober? 

If you did, you're in the vast majority of people! For a long time elopement was widely known for a couple who wanted a secret, small, and last minute legally binding marriage, but the real beauty of an elopement is that an elopement can be anything you imagine. You can spend your day, doing literally whatever you want, literally wherever in the world you want, at literally time you want. No strict wedding schedule and planner, no hundreds of guests to entertain and fuss over, no expensive venues, no dropping thousands on catering. 

You get to take all that "big wedding" cash and quite literally
build your dream day.

You'll take that money you saved on a venue, book plane tickets to the most beautiful place you can think of and then pocket the rest. You'll take that money you saved on catering and get yourself an AMAZING photographer to capture it all, and cover travel expenses, then you'll pocket the rest. At the end of the day, depending on how expensive your travel fees are, you've saved thousands and/or invested your money in a day that's soley about you and your partner rather than putting your money quite literally towards sheltering/entertaining/and feeding all your guests. 

It's really that simple. You get your tickets, your airbnb, your dress, some florals, and ME. I help you find your out of state vendors like florists, airbnbs and hair/makeup if you need. I'll help you pick the most beautiful spots in whatever part of the world you want to be in and I'll help you build a custom schedule personalized to what you want out of the day and when the light will be most beautiful.

Don't want to wake up at 6am to start hair and makeup for a 10 hour day? Don't have to. Don't want to stay out all night? Don't have to. The day is fully curated to YOU in every sense of the word. 

So now you know what an adventurous elopement can look like, are you wanting to give it a shot? Still have questions? You know the drill. Click that little button below. 


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